Krav Maga Salem Online

Welcome to our selection of online courses for comprehensive self defense. Each course will add a new layer to your personal and family protection plan, making you the best Citizen Defender you can be. 


Online Courses

Check out our selection of available online courses you can complete in the comfort of your own home.


Custom Seminars

Join or Hire our highly trained team for custom seminars. Due to our vast skill sets and expertise, we can customize live seminars to fit most needs. 



Custom apparel, training tools and goodies. Find them all here. 


Respond How You Train

Ever ask yourself how you might respond if you were in a life threatening situation? We rise to the lowest level of training. Join us for unique seminars with experienced Instructors.

Utilize All Of Your Tools

Learn to Avoid and Escape violent encounters using verbal de - escalation, identifying aggressive body language, and identifying potential hazardous situations before they require force. Also, learn to use tools such as Firearms, Knives, Flashlights and of course your body as part of your protection plan.

Ready to Invest in Your Safety?

Start today from the comfort of your own home. Our mission is simple and transparent. We want to make people more safe through realistic training, using scientific data to prepare for high probability situations and violent encounters. Remember: a safer community starts with you.


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